How To Play



This brand new game was created for you.


Aspiring Trader? You’ll LEARN the tools and terminology of successful traders.

Experienced Trader? Here you can PRACTICE trading weeks of real market data in minutes to become more profitable in your trading.

Like to WIN? Who doesn’t!? Win valuable prizes and big cash payouts playing fun games with friends!



Someone’s gotta win. Why not you?


How to Play:


  1. Create an account and verify your identity… This takes less than a minute!
  2. Head to the PRACTICE tab and challenge one of our Trading Bots! These bots trade specific strategies – some easy, some difficult. Defeating each bot earns you valuable tokens that you can use to enter huge prize games!
  3. Now that you’re getting the idea, check out a video or two at the LEARN tab. Here you can learn effective, easy-to-use trading strategies that can help you win big – these strategies are what the pros use!
  4. When you’re ready, compete against players around the World in the COMPETE tab or enter a FEATURED EVENT. Some are free, some cost tokens, and some require cash entry.
  5. When you enter an event, the game will start when the countdown hits zero – be ready to play! You’ve been given a $100,000 virtual trading account to start each game.
  6. The trader(s) who have the highest account balance (equity) when the final balances are calculated will be declared the winners! In the event of a tie, the prize for that position is split and distributed equally.
  7. Immediately after winning, any prize money will be credited to your TradeOff™ account!
  8. If you’ve won a physical prize, we’ll reach out and ask you where we should send your new stuff!


Other Helpful Stuff:


  1. You can use any trading indicators and drawing tools that the charting platform provides, and you can use as many as you want!
  2. Each time you click ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell,” you buy (long) or sell (short) 100 shares of the stock.
  3. Your Buying Power determines the amount of shares that you can buy or sell.
  4. At the end of the event, your virtual equity will account for any open position profits or losses (positions not closed).
  5. TradeOff™ reserves the right to correct prize payouts in the event of cheating or game errors.
  6. Any cheating is strictly prohibited. If any trader is found to have cheated in any way, TradeOff™ reserves the right to ban them from future events and reallocate past winnings. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more info, rules and policies.
  7. Check out the video below explaining how to play!